The Future
of LCK
Organizations will be able to create
much stronger and stable teams

through league revenue sharing,
business investments,

and long-term sponsorships
Teams will be able to free themselves from their biggest
impediment to
fundraising and revenue generation
: the possibility of relegation.

Teams will be able to manage their businesses with a long-term
growing in various areas such as merchandising
and sponsorship.
By attracting more investment and generating greater
teams will become more competitive, enhance their
and expand the fanbase, which in turn leads to a
greater investment and starts a virtuous cycle.
Teams will also be receiving a part of the league’s revenue once
they become a part
of the Long-term partnership system.
This will add to the team’s financial stability,
and the additional
resources will be reinvested towards players and fans for
a better experience for everyone.
Players will be provided with a better

environment to focus on their games,

and enjoy greater stability in their
Teams will be providing much better support and environment

that can help improve players’ performance. They will also take
as long-term partners and develop new systems to
forge stronger relationships with them.

We expect to witness an iconic star be born in every team in the
We will also be mandating a minimum salary higher than

any other professional sports league in Korea - 60 million KRW -

to ensure that our players enjoy greater financial stability
during their careers.
Fans won’t have to worry about

their favorite team disappearing

and enjoy a more competitive league

than ever before
We hope to see LCK teams building their own traditions over

We hope to see our fans grow older and pass on their fandom to
their children,
and cheer for their favorite teams as families.
We will be making a league where our fans can passionately
their favorite teams without fearing the teams’
relegation. All these efforts
will lead to improving LCK’s
performance, which will
eventually result in a better experience
for the fans.
Mechanisms for a
Long-term partnership Model
We will have countermeasures

against teams’ lack
of competence
We are aware that eliminating the risk of
relegation can backfire
and cause some teams to
lose their motivation to perform well.

We will implement various mechanisms to
prevent that from happening,
and keep our
teams in their best shape.
LoL Challengers Korea will be

and a new Academy league

will be taking its place
LoL Challengers Korea will no longer be
taking place as LCK transforms into the
Long-term partnership model;

instead, a new Academy league will be formed.
Every LCK team will be required to form
the Academy league roster
and participate in the
Academy league to foster new talents for LCK.

The league will also support the smooth migration
of the players from
LoL Challengers Korea to
LCK teams’ rosters
prior to the launch of 2021 LCK.
The Future of LCK
  • We are excited to announce this news of the future of LCK.

    We also look forward to meeting the Long-term partnership teams
    that will be joining us in this adventure.
  • We believe today to be the first step out of many to achieve
    the future we dream of.

    We ask for your unchanging support as we progress to a better LCK.